Annual Data Privacy Day – 7 Tips for Information Safety

Data Privacy Day, established in 2009 by National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to be celebrated each year on January 28, is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting data privacy education. What started 16 years ago as an initiative on personal information safety awareness among teens and young adults has now evolved into an initiative that includes communities, families, business consumers, and commercial entities. Small Businesses, just like the corporate world have to take precautions when conducting business – including their IT practices.

Data privacy tips you can use today

  1. Read the privacy policy. When signing up or using any sites that store any of your data – actually read the privacy documentation, don’t assume they are protecting your privacy even if they say they do. Most places share your data with their “affiliates” and if you did not read the fine print, your information may be distributed.
  2. Check privacy and location settings on your mobile apps. Remember, this is not a device-wide option. Different apps have their own data sharing settings: when upgrading your device – and your apps, make sure new versions have the same or even tighter security and privacy settings as the previous version of the device and apps.
  3. Practice consumer caution. Avoid or limit the use of sites that use or keep your financial data, such as online banking or e-commerce sites when you’re on public or unsecured Wi-Fi.
  4. Mind the social media. Check your Social media privacy settings to confirm or change options for who can see your posts and shares.
  5. Be smart about the data you share. Consider what would happen long after emailing a photo, posting a status, or sending a message. Just think if it can do you damage if any of them were to be forwarded to a wider audience, and if there is a chance of potential trouble – reconsider sharing it.
  6. Do regular data maintenance. Any day is a good day – and today especially – to check your various profiles for data accuracy and change your passwords – make sure to make your password secure!
  7. Remember to protect your business. Even if you practice good judgment and have safety measures in place, make sure your employees do, too. Do not underestimate the importance of data privacy and security policy for your business – and if you have not implemented it yet, you should, as soon as possible.

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