Antivirus Protection – Should you Use Free or Paid software?

There is no argument about a necessity to protect your computer. As anti-virus solutions advance, so do the criminals who design computer malware and viruses. It seems that as soon as the new computer virus definitions get updated on your anti-virus program, new viruses come into play. Every day more advanced viruses hit the internet and they are capable of various malicious acts, from stealing to destroying your information, not just on your personal computer, but or your entire computer network. That is why it is so important not to just have the anti-virus program installed, but also to stay on top of the regular updates, so the highest level of protection possible can be ensured.

So we all know we need anti-virus protection, but with so many option of antivirus products on the market, how do you decide what type of anti-virus program is right for you?

Some antivirus software may come already installed on your computer; if you just purchased your computer it is likely to be a free minimal version, or a time-limited trial. It can also be a paid subscription that was part of the package when you ordered your system. When free trial is over, or when your subscription has expired, you’ll receive pop-up messages warning you that your system is about to be left unprotected, and prompting you to subscribe or renew.

So, should you go the Free version, or Paid subscription Route?

If you do not store any critical data on your computer and require just minimal protection, a free version of software, or a free trial may be sufficient. What is considered to be a critical data? Information pertaining to your Identity, banking information, business information – including client and service vendor data you store – anything that can result in damages (think legal damages), when compromised. In addition, while you may not have some legally critical data on your computer, you may have some personal data that, if destroyed, cannot be replaced, or can be subject to other damages, if it is accessed by unauthorized parties. For example, if you store volumes of data  such as photos, artwork files, or written documents that are personally important to you.

If you do have critically important data on your personal computer, or if you are running a business and have to maintain the integrity of your computer network while ensuring your business data security and federal regulations compliance is in place (especially relevant to Healthcare and Medical Practices and Law Firms Computer Networks), you may want to step up to the next level of protection, and call the big guns to do the job – and professional solutions are typically available for a fee.

Make a judgement on what type of protection you need – if in doubt, consult with your trusted IT solution provider, and get ready to make some choices.

Here are a few antivirus solutions and relevant resources you can use to shop around for an anti-virus program.



Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 builds on #1 ranked silent security technology to stop e-threats, secure online transactions, and defend your privacy on social networks. This antivirus software beats the threats from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware. It protects against the dangers that appear on social media networks. And it protects you from dangerous emails and malicious web sites.

  • Antivirus and antispyware defense
  • Facebook and Twitter privacy guardian
  • Risky websites detector
  • ID Theft Protector
  • Windows 8 Certified

Bitdefender Downloads:


Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors worldwide. Today it is firmly positioned as one of the world’s top leading antivirus vendors, with various product offerings. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is a platform which delivers a broad array of tools and technologies to enable companies to see, control and protect all endpoint devices. It combines its technologies and tools into four tiers, each of which adds its own layer of protection against cyber-threats. Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed to provide effective protection from all types of Internet threats and is easy to install and use without special administration tools. Fast and easy installation, with sensible defaults that let you protect all your systems effortlessly, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business – without worrying about security. Kaspersky Lab is also offering a wide range of consumer products for home-based devices.

Kaspersky Downloads:


Norton AntiVirus

The Norton™ Protection System provides multiple layers of protection that work together so they neutralize threats before they even reach you, utilizing  virus detection via signatures. Norton AntiVirus is able to prevent threats from reaching your computer and remove any existing threats already present. The protection offered is fully automatic, from threat detection and removal to product updates. Because it only uses 8 MB of memory and is light on CPU usage, Norton AntiVirus has a small footprint – meaning it uses very little of your system’s resources, so you are never interrupted while working or playing.

Norton AntiVirus Downloads

  • Norton Download Center



Here at we trust our own systems to ESET. ESET has pioneered and continues to lead the industry in proactive threat detection; it has award-winning security solutions powered by NOD32® technology (just celebrated 25 years) to provide a safer online experience for over 100 million users worldwide. Product offerings range from a single at-home computer user, to full business and enterprise ranges.

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