Cybersecurity alert: Fake Windows 11 install infects PCs

It has come to powersolution’s attention that FAKE notice for Microsoft Windows 11 installer is being distributed online.


How this fraudulent Windows 11 installer malware works. A legitimate-looking alert message gives the end-user an illusion of interacting with an official Windows 11 installation tool. Instead, it is malware designed to infect unsuspecting users’ systems.

The malicious file invokes a series of installers that resemble an ordinary installation wizard, including a license agreement.

If you observe the unsolicited Windows 11 installation file, do not attempt to open or execute it. Instead, contact your IT Services provider and use the best cybersecurity precautions to protect your business and data.

Fake windows 11 installation
Example of Fraudulent Windows install Popup

Updates for any Microsoft product should only be installed through Microsoft Windows Updates built into Windows. Typically, Windows will install updates automatically notifying the user after the update is complete.

Only from Tuesday, October 5, 2011, you can acquire a new PC with pre-installed Windows 11, or get a free download version for existing Windows users.

Ideally, for SMBs only their designated IT personnel or an IT services company should to install, update and manage your operating system

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Two quick tech tips:

  1. If you are handling the upgrade by yourself, advises users to navigate directly to the official Microsoft website (that also goes for of any software you are looking to install). Go directly to thee browser and to the vendor’s website, instead of clicking on links from unverified sources (emails or popups), no matter how legitimate they look.
  2. Threats like fake installations should be handled by Antivirus software, so yours should be set to auto-update its virus definitions.

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