Do you fear interruptions, complications, or even "consequences" of parting ways with your sub-par IT service?  

Get a Painless IT Transition with our Easy 1-2-3 Onboarding


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We start with consultation and analysis, move on to integration, and engage the services:

Step One - IT Onboarding 

We study your current IT environment and evaluate the needs of your business process with consideration to your IT budget.

During this phase we are learning about technology and operational needs of your business..

We record the network’s vital information and user-specific requirements.

We scan your server environment for vulnerabilities and learn about the current state of your network.

We prepare an optimal IT strategy,  customized to your specific business needs.

We present a recommended range of IT services, pricing schedule, and schedule a proposed contract review.

Your easy IT transition becomes official. From that moment we start preparations for Step 2 in our easy onboarding process.

Step Two - IT Onboarding 

As soon as you engage with our services we get to work, ensuring a quick and smooth transition from current IT provider.

We work with your current service provider and technology vendors to ensure a smooth transition.

We update, stabilize, and secure your IT environment.

we will review the new IT service features and procedures, and help you notify your employees of the upcoming change to helpdesk access.

We accommodate your schedule and work with your current IT provider to coordinate a date to transfer all helpdesk responsibilities to us.

We engage our monitoring, management, and security software to finalize service migration.

Step Three - IT Onboarding

An exciting new chapter for your SMB. Everything works as it should, and your IT needs are anticipated and addressed.

Ongoing 24/7/365 network monitoring, security measures and threat prevention, systems and server updates.

Enjoy our unparalleled 15-minute-average helpdesk ticket response time, at a 98% high-satisfaction rate.

Your network and devices are protected and under control.

Predictable budget,  clear executive IT performance reports,

Your systems performing at optimal capacity for smooth business operations.


Most frequent questions and answers about changing IT providers and switching Managed IT Services.

Unlike an issue-reactive “break-fix computer guy” scenario, Managed IT Services is a model of proactive business tech support typically outsourced to a Managed Services Provider (MSP). MSP acts as your network administrator  and is responsible for security, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and tech support of your IT network.

Managed IT budget should reflect the specific needs of your business. Before arriving at the price point, we need to responsibly review your technology environment and take the time to understand what your business needs today, with strategic planning for tomorrow. 

We then craft a bundled solution that includes a variety of services, including software and sometimes hardware. The offering is always customized to your business IT requirements.

The cost of the bundles varies, depending on your industry vertical, regulation requirements, or other specific business needs.

We will provide you with a ballpark number during our initial consultation, and deliver a detailed quote after the assessment.

We manage the switch from your current IT provider to powersolution, making the transition a smooth, seamless process with minimal use of your time and virtually no disruption to your business. Typically, the switch to powersolution’s IT services is planned and phased in gradually until final completion within 45 – 60 days from the start date.

No worries, we’ve seen many scenarios where SMB owners were worried about the potential ramifications of parting ways with uncooperative IT providers. Here is what we will do:

  1. Assess your current situation.
  2. Assign the team to take charge of the transition.
  3. Gather necessary IT-related information independent of the current IT provider through system scans and on-site physical inspections.
  4. If the current IT provider’s documentation is not available, we will independently create documentation of your current IT environment and associated credentials – and share it with you.
  5. Identify the red flags and issues that could compromise your business.
  6. Identify IT resources still available to your business now.
  7. Review the core business applications.
  8. Develop a blueprint for your IT systems based on the company’s requirements today.
  9. Create a strategic IT agility plan for your company’s future.
  10. Manage and coordinate with you and your organization a timely and seamless transition to a secure and fully supported IT environment.

Strategic IT agility planwe listen to your feedback and evaluate advancements in technology to plan for capacity management and forthcoming security and operational updates.

  • In business for over 26 years, we have proven methods for easy and painless IT transition.
  • Our Managed IT Services are backed by our 30-day guarantee.
  • We are highly focused on secure IT solutions.
  • powersolution is the recipient of multiple national IT industry awards. We are especially proud to be recognized as one of the Top 100 companies in Managed Security and a Top 500 Managed IT Services Provider –  four years in a row – by CRN® magazine, a brand of The Channel Company, and in MSP 250 Pioneer category.
  • We have a 98% service satisfaction rate.
  • We have a high client retention rate – some of our clients have been with powersolution since the inception of the company in 1996. Most have been with us for a period of five to over twenty years.
IT Consulting, Managed Services, and Secure Global Network company in New Jersey

We are a New Jersey based, award-winning managed IT and security services consulting company. We are honored to be the recipients of various IT industry awards.
We are especially proud to be recognized as one of the Top 100 companies in Managed Security.