Fraudulent Email Requests to Call a Number to Cancel a Subscription

Powersolution is receiving reports of the persistence of BazaCall (BasarCall) malware attacks, which were initially documented in early 2021.   If you receive a fraudulent or suspicious email such as this, Do Not Respond.

Here is how this fraudulent email works:

  • Attackers use email to prompt victims to call a fraudulent call center to cancel a supposed subscription before they are automatically charged.
  • The call center is staffed with attackers who tell the caller to access a website and download an Excel file to cancel their service.   The file contains malicious software that attacks the user’s Windows device. With this access, the attackers can send other forms of malware and go after other vulnerable machines on the same network.
  • These Windows infections are particularly dangerous as they provide remote access to corporate networks where the threat actors can spread throughout the network to steal data or deploy ransomware.

Not sure how to protect your IT environment?

When phishing attacks succeed, they present many potential dangers, with profound effects on productivity, business reputation, loss of data, and result in severe financial impact and if you do not have a proper data backup, disaster recovery strategy, and a business continuity plan it can even bring on a total loss of business.

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