Hosted Cloud Solutions

Simply put it is housing your data in a remote location, and accessing that data and applications by internet connection, instead of storing and operating your data and applications on your local machine, such as desktop PC, laptop or server.

To explain it visually, it is like having access to water through your city plumbing system (cloud), rather than having to dig, secure, and maintain a personal water well (local systems).

What are the benefits of a Hosted Cloud Solution?

  • Fully managed, maintained and supported by the Hosted Cloud Services provider
  • Accessibility anytime, anywhere from any internet-enabled device.
  • Predictable IT budget  balanced IT overhead expenses: typically hosted solutions are priced on a per usage model, which allows for consistent and balanced IT expenses month after month
  • Eliminating need for more physical space for hardware, such as on-site servers
  • Latest technology infrastructure and security ensure your business-critical data and IT systems are more secure than they are currently onsite at your facility.
  • Data backup and redundancy planning.

All of our hosted cloud solutions are fully supported by our highly trained staff, with hands-on experience in developing multiple cloud environments for New Jersey,  New York, and surrounding regions clients with various IT systems across the world. We customize solutions for each client in a way that benefits you the most, working with your businesses budget, time and internal resources required for the seamless transfer into the Cloud, to serve you for years to come.

Have a question about Hosted Cloud Solutions for your business?

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What type of solutions can be Hosted in a Cloud?

There are many, many personal and business use solutions that can be hosted, maintained and managed in the cloud, including public and commercial outlets. For example:

  • Social Networking, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.
  • Email, such as  Google’s Gmail, Windows Live Mail for private or Hosted Microsoft Exchange for business use.
  • Data Storage
  • File Sharing – such as YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Picasa.
  • Virtual Office applications
  • Project Management Tools
  • Database applications, including complex web-based solutions (our custom applications include inventory management for vehicles database, file manager, commissions share manager for the sales operations, case cycle and documents management solution for the law office, tech and customer support ticketing system, and more).
  • Backup Services (such as Carbonite)
  • Banking and Financial

…and much, much more… If you have a need for an application, chances are, it can be cloud-hosted.

We offer Hosted Cloud Solutions

Please contact us today to discuss your needs – we’ve been providing Business Class Hosted Cloud Solutions for small and mediums sized companies for many years, and will be glad to be of service to you. Call us at (855) 551-7760 to request more information.

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