Here is a nifty video from the Bright Side that could be very helpful for those who do not “do” computers all day long for a living. And, frankly, even some of us keyboard warriors can pick up a few tips here. Please, watch the full video for additional details, such as differences for a few versions of OS

So, what nifty keyboard tricks can help you make the most of your Windows features?

  1. Win = Open Start menu
  2. Win+A = Open Action Center
  3. Win+B = Select the first icon in Notification center
  4. Win+Ctr+B = Switch to program indicating a New Message in the notification center
  5. Win+C = Show Cortana (if enabled)
  6. Win+D = go to Desktop
  7. Win+E = access Windows Explorer
  8. Win+F = Opens Find Files and Folders or Feedback in Windows 10 it opens Feedback Hub
  9. Win+Ctr+F = Find Computers
  10. Win+G = Open the Game bar
  11. Win+K = Open new Start Menu
  12. Win+L = Change use or Lock workstation
  13. Win+M = Minimize all window (takes you to the desktop, like combo #6…)
  14. Win+Shift+M = Restore the last minimized window
  15. Win+O = Lock your device’s orientation and disable device gyro function on tablets.
  16. Win+P = switch operating modes of the monitor to the projector (if enabled) and back
  17. Win+Q = Search inside your computer
  18. Win+R to open dialog box (to run apps)
  19. Win+T = Switch focus to Task Bar
  20. Win+U = Open the Utility Manager
  21. Win+W = Open Workspace
  22. Win+X = Open Windows Mobile Apps center (for mobile devices)
  23. Win+Y = Starts Yahoo messenger (if enabled)

What about Mac Users? Here are some bonus keyboard combinations!

  1. Command+Up Arrow = scroll to the top of any page
  2. Command+Down Arrow = Jump to the bottom of the page
  3. Command+Semicolon = check for misspelled words in any open document
  4. Command+1 or 2 or 3, and so on = cycle through open tabs
  5. Option+Delete = delete one full word at a time
  6. Command+H = Hide all open windows
  7. Command+Sift+T=  Restore last closed tab in the browser
  8. Command+F3 = remove all app windows from view (make your desktop screensaver a piece of art!)
  9. Option+Shift+ Volume Up or Down  = Change sound output levels

You probably knew about some of these tricks, but surely those you have missed can make your computer work a little easier from now on!

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