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What you can do right away is change the passwords to all your social media accounts.

How To Prevent Social Media Accounts From Being Hacked!

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Many of us have witnessed the unfortunate incident of a friend’s social media account being hacked, leading to unexpected promotions of various companies, such as Bitcoin. This occurrence becomes even more peculiar if you’re used to enjoying your friend’s cat videos. Disturbingly, this trend seems to be on the rise. Cybercriminals skulk in the shadows, causing chaos with each keystroke. Their malicious intentions invade our digital existence, compromising our security and robbing us of peace of mind!


How are cybercriminals able to access your social media accounts?

Here are a few reasons you could be suffering from cybercriminals across all your social media accounts:

  • Lack of Security Awareness: Many people lack awareness of common security practices and do not take necessary precautions. They may not enable two-factor authentication, ignore security updates, or even overlook privacy settings. This leaves their accounts extremely vulnerable to hackers.
  • Social Engineering: Hackers often employ social techniques to trick users into revealing their login credentials or personal information. They may impersonate customer support representatives, influencers, or even friends to gain the trust of the target and extract sensitive details.
  • Phishing Attacks: This is where hackers send deceptive emails, messages, or links that mimic legitimate sources. If users unknowingly provide their login credentials to these fake sources, hackers gain direct access to their Instagram accounts.


What can I do to prevent this?

What you can do right away is change the passwords to all your social media accounts. For example, if you have the same passwords for various accounts then all it takes is for one platform to get breached and the password is exposed. Hackers can use it to compromise other accounts. While that’s a great start, It’s important to stay vigilant, stay informed, and unite to combat these faceless foes. 

How can businesses prevent cyber attacks?

Businesses with confidential information are always trying to protect their information from hackers at all costs. You can give your business ongoing protection with managed IT security through us at Our multi-layer cloud-based security protection is designed to give your data and infrastructure the cyber defense your SMB needs. 

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