Is Your Online Shopping Invading Your Privacy?

Did you know online shopping started in 1982? In 1979 — English inventor Michael Aldrich made a transaction-processing computer and a doctored television to create the very first secure data transmission, starting the groundwork for online shopping. Finally in 1982 — The first online marketplace, Boston Computer Exchange, opened for business!

Fast forward to 2023 and now everyone can access an online shop. From ordering groceries to buying clothes through apps and everything in between, almost everything can be a click away. But is your privacy secure?

Not all shopping apps are created equally!

Apps downloaded on your device can be exciting! However, the first mistake most people make is not checking the privacy settings. Your smartphone may unknowingly provide apps with a greater amount of data than you’re aware of. Especially if you are downloading things onto your work laptop. Be aware of putting your personal, business, or combined data at risk, along with your privacy.

So, what can you do to protect your privacy when using online shopping apps?
Read on for a few tips.

Here Are 3 Tips to Protect Your Privacy When Using Apps

  • Disable Sharing Features: Disable any unnecessary data-sharing features in the settings of your phone. This includes location services, which can typically be customized for individual apps. Thoroughly examine both your phone’s settings and the settings within each app to minimize data sharing to the greatest extent possible.
  • Uninstall Unused Apps: If you rarely use an app, it’s best to remove it from your phone. Keeping unused apps poses a significant risk since even when idle, they can continue collecting data, such as browsing activity or your interactions with other mobile apps.
  • Opt for Website Shopping: To alleviate the potentially hazardous data collection by shopping apps, consider using the company’s website instead. Most reputable companies maintain an official website where you can purchase the same items offered through the app.

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