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Protect your uptime, productivity and efficiency with reliable IT support services that scale with your changing needs. 

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What Clients Say About Our Newark Small Business IT Support

V.E. Ralph
The team at has provided us with immediate and reliable tech support service every time we needed them. It is a comfort knowing that their preventive IT solutions are always working behind the scene, allowing us to focus on what’s important, the business of serving emergency responders with the equipment they need to save lives…
M Hubert
I wanted to say a very huge thank you from all of us at AIN for all of the help powersolution team have given us. Everyone has been really phenomenal to work with and patient with all of our requests and issues. We have made an awful lot of changes lately, we are in much better shape than we were a few weeks ago…Thank you very much – you are all so fabulous to work with!
The team has given us the straight talk on what we need, cost-effective solutions, and detailed proposals. Their IT methods are always seamless, never interrupting our operations and at the best cost. When we’ve asked, they have delivered. I would recommend them to any business that needs a dependable and reliable IT support team. They are professionals.
When we were looking for an e-commerce solution,’s web staff was there to help us transfer our ideas into reality. Their creative guidance and understanding of our business were essential in getting out our message. Leaving room for expansion of the site, they worked diligently to make sure the results were accomplished within our budget. stays in touch from the start to the finish of a job. They don’t just build solutions, they build relationships.

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Accelerate issue resolution to improve performance with our Newark IT support services.

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Satisfaction rating across the for our IT support
15-20 Minutes
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26+ Years
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Cover All IT Support Needs With Your One IT Solution™

At powersolution, your IT support and service needs will be continually met and upheld to the highest standards.

By eliminating your needs for multiple technology providers, our IT support services allow you to manage your current and future needs under a single pane of glass. 

With a trusted Newark IT support specialist in your corner, you can solve technology problems on the fly while benefiting from a wide suite of outsourced support services that include: 

  • Network support
  • Best-in-class cybersecurity
  • Local and remote IT tech support
  • An average response time of just 15 minutes
  • And more

Get Preeminent Value® for Your Newark IT Support

At powersolution, our goal is to provide complete transparency and superior customer service with our IT support and services in Newark, NJ.

We achieve this through our dedication to Preeminent Value®, which includes:

Value Upfront

All aspects of our IT support services are crafted to deliver immediate value as soon as you sign with us.

Project Management

We analyze and review all phases of your IT projects to ensure alignment with your goals without exceeding them.

Cost Containment = Faster ROI

Our services generate better returns by following industry best practices and our internal reliability standards.

Managed Services Flexibility

We can easily modify our managed IT support services to fit your exact needs.

Value Guaranteed

We focus on building long-lasting relationships to deliver value in every aspect of your IT support engagement.

Newark IT Support

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Support and Services

Managed IT support services provide several benefits, including proactive troubleshooting, 24/7 monitoring, and access to expert technicians.’s IT support services are designed to enhance your business operations by maintaining your IT systems’ performance, minimizing downtime, and quickly resolving any technical issues that arise.

Our managed IT support services at play a crucial role in disaster recovery. 

We offer regular data backups, system redundancies,backup testing, and robust recovery plans to ensure business continuity in case of data loss or system failure.

Our team of experts works diligently to restore your operations as swiftly as possible in the event of a disaster.

Absolutely. Our IT support services can handle all of your software and hardware related issues. 

From assisting with software updates and troubleshooting hardware problems to recommending and installing new technology, our team of skilled technicians ensures your business keeps running smoothly with minimal downtime.

By handling your IT concerns, our managed IT support services free up your team to focus on their core duties. 

We proactively monitor your systems to prevent issues that can cause downtime, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operations.

Our tech support also offers employee training to enable efficient use of your IT resources, boosting overall productivity.

At, we provide comprehensive IT support services to our clients. 

Our process begins with understanding your business and its unique IT needs. Our helpdesk is always ready to address your concerns, while our team proactively monitors and maintains your systems.

We also regularly review and update your IT strategies to align with your evolving business goals.