Managed Services Spell Relief for Small Businesses

If you are looking for an affordable monthly plans for  Computer Network Maintenance and Tech Support for business in New Jersey, consider our monthly Managed Services we offer to small- to medium-size businesses.

Immediate Benefits of Managed Services

There are many benefits of trusting your IT support and network environment to a reputable MSP. Here are the few keys:

Affordable IT Costs

Regular ongoing monitoring keeps your computer network in check, bringing your long-term cost to be significantly less then having an hourly break/fix approach, and far less then the cost of hiring a full-time IT specialists.  You need a healthy, stable network, and we can maintain it for you, saving you thousands of dollars.  Our proactive service allows most of the issues to be prevented. Through a Managed Services Model –  regular monitoring of key network health indicators, use of industry-best  anti-virus, and anti-spyware tools; regular updates and upgrades, most issues are prevented, and those that cannot be prevented are fixed before users are impacted or notice a decline in performance. We include Helpdesk support as part of our Managed Services, and most network issues can be addressed without an on-site visit and without additional hourly labor fees.

Predictable IT Budget

It is not easy for most small-to-medium businesses to determine what portion of their budget  should be allocated for computer hardware, software and tech support support. It is hard to predict if there will be any emergency downtime, virus issues or  network outages.  With our monthly Managed Service you get a flat rate tech support fee  that covers network monitoring, preventative maintenance, and includes remote support. You will know your exact IT support costs each month. Your IT budget problem – solved.

Choice of Best Products

You have a business to run – we’ll  support your computes. Because of our long-standing relationships with partners in the IT industry, we have access to modern, robust tools that enable us to provide the best grade of service.  It is our job to keep up with updates and upgrades, and to utilize most modern tools to monitor the health of your network. Our partners always keep us abreast of what is new in technology, and our engineers get continuous training and your organization will benefit from the best offers.

Increased Productivity

Because Managed Services allow for your network to be secure and stable, with minimized downtime, your staff has room for maximized productivity.  Our certified technicians and engineers provide remote maintenance and support, fixing even the most complex problems behind the scenes. A stable and secure network environment also means your business is better prepared for a disaster, and has fewer instances of data loss.

Focused Business Goals

Get access to our IT consultants who have worked with other small-to-medium-sized organizations to ensure that IT streamlines their company strategy. Through regular business reviews, our consultants provide advice and support based on both available and future technology, to benefit your business goals. We are always looking for ways to make our clients’ networks most efficient, to make sure your network serves your business to its  fullest potential


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