Microsoft is delaying ending support for older versions of Windows 10 due to Coronavirus

Microsoft has announced an extension regarding their support for the older versions of their Windows 10 software. Initially, Microsoft had planned to stop technical support for Windows 10 this past week. However—due to the Coronavirus pandemic—the company has now extended the support up until October 13, giving IT administrators an extra six months. With IT administrators working more on helping employees work from home during the crisis, the company wanted to be sure that security updates and patches would still be provided for the older Windows versions until things die down. (Source: The Verge)

Why this is important for your business:

Does this mean you can happily use your older version of Windows 10. It does not. Regardless of the fact that is merely a stay of execution, companies running older versions of Windows are more exposed to security threats, including malware attacks and data hacking. Just the fact that Microsoft is giving you more time shouldn’t stop you from upgrading your Windows 10 operating system to the most recent version. Otherwise, you’re really risking your company’s data. (Source: Forbes magazine)

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