Server Not Found message at GoDaddy screen - hacked
GoDaddy got hacked by Anonymous member. Firefox cannot find the server at…

One of the Anonymous members is taking responsibility for web hosting giant GoDaddy experiencing an outage. Many, possibly millions of  sites, including GoDaddy’s own are down at this time.

A Facebook post from GoDaddy account said: “Status Alert: Hey, all. We’re aware of the trouble people are having with our site. We’re working on it.

The company is also saying to users who Tweet at them: “We’re aware of the issues people are experiencing and we’re still working on it. Thanks for your patience.”

Many users are outraged. Reading through comments posted at GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites, Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility post at Tech Crunch:

Louis-Eric Simard · College André-Grasset:
“Anonymous attacks the domain name servers of and takes down millions of websites all at once. Until then I thought Anonymous was kind of cute, attacking dictatorships and whatnot. But my sites? What is to be gained by that? This is the day you lost the interest and gained the rage of millions of people, Anonymous. Smart. Real smart. You are now economic terrorists, and every police in the world will make you their special project. Having issues with GoDaddy Corp is one thing; but who has issues with my rowing team site ? My high school ? My friend’s site hosting petitions for democratic change ? Anonymous so far has been attacking sites in a precision-bombing way. Now they are, by the same metaphors, bombing and burning civilians. Whatever cause they may have has just lost its moral validity.”

Joey Costello · Washington State University:
“When you attack a corporate website, you’re attacking a corporation and a corporation alone. When you attack a website hosting site, you are attacking millions of small website owners, and engaging in mass cyber terrorism.”
Additional message from GoDaddy’s Facebook page states: “So many messages, can’t get to you all… Sorry to hear all your frustration. We’re working feverishly to resolve as soon as possible.”

GoDaddy status update as of 5:00 pm EST

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