Beware of non-compliant, substandard USB Type-C cables

If you own  Lumia 950, Nexus 5, Nexus 6P, OnePlus 2 or Chromebook Pixel devices, an are looking to replace the charging cables, beware. According to Benson Leung and his team at Google, big proponents and innovators of USB Type-C, not all cables are created equal.

“it appears that they completely miswired the cable. The GND pin on the Type-A plug is tied to the Vbus pins on the Type-C plug. The Vbus pin on the Type-A plug is tied to GND on the Type-C plug.” – Benson Leung

There are plenty of non-compliant, substandard  USB Type-C cables that are shipped with the newer phones and devices, can result in bad and possibly dangerous outcome for your devices and you.

Leung highly recommends using cables from the  list of cables fully compliant with the USB Type-C standard.

For more info please refer to original source: USB Type-C cable so bad it fries Google engineer’s Chromebook Pixel – at Ars Technica




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