Product Recall: replacement for AC power cord overheating (Surface Pro)

If you bought a Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, or Surface Pro 3 in the U.S. or Canada before March 15, 2015, pay attention: as overheating concerns came to light for a product component, an AC power cord for a Surface Pro, Microsoft has announced a voluntary recall and is offering a free replacement of an AC power cord for a Surface Pro. 

As it turns out, some of the Surface Pro AC power cords were wound too tightly, and over time some damage may have occurred, resulting in overheating concerns.

While there are no reports of serious injury, a small number of our customers have reported this issue and we are taking action to address by making free replacement cords available to all eligible customers. The safety of our customers is our top priority,”  – Microsoft Devices Team.

SurfacePRO powercord - screenshot from Microsoft Support Site
SurfacePRO powercord – screenshot from Microsoft Support Site

The recall applies to the removable cord that connects the power supply to an electrical outlet, rather than the cord that connects directly to the Surface Pro (please see the screenshot above, of the AC power cord for a Surface Pro, from Microsoft Support site)

According to Microsoft company blog post, this recall DOES NOT apply to:

  • AC power cords for Microsoft Surface RT, Microsoft Surface 2, Microsoft Surface 3, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices sold after March 15, 2015, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and Microsoft Surface Book
  • Power supplies with DC power cord for all devices
  • AC power cords and power supplies for the docking stations for Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and Microsoft Surface 3
  • Microsoft will provide one AC power cord replacement free of charge for each eligible Surface Pro device that you own. No proof of damage is required to receive a replacement AC power cord.
  • If you have more than one Surface Pro device, you’ll need to submit a replacement order for each one.

If you own more than one Surface Pro device, you will have to request a replacement for each device.

More information at Microsoft Support site -powercord

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