Please Read This Before Hiring a New IT Guy

It seems that a lot of small business companies have a preconceived vision of the world of IT for small business. It seems that a proverbial “IT Guy” with “Break/Fix” hourly support is still much of a stereotype, and I would like to discuss with you why it is important to step out of that box.

In the dawn of personal computers in the workplace, a break/fix model would apply to almost every small business. There was something wrong with the computer, your “guy” came in,  took a look and probably fixed it. Or scratched his head and told you to get a new computer. You paid him $150 bucks – if you were lucky – and you were done until next issue rolled along.

Some of you even asked your neighbor’s cousin’s nephew to do it for free – after all, he took a computer class in his freshman year of high school!!!

(He probably also took shop, but would you hire him to build you an addition for your house? Even though hammer and some nails are less complex then computers? I didn’t think so. You’d be surprised how many people do not see it that way. I hope they take it as their Aha! moment. I’m just saying…)

Today, the world of computing is simply not the same. We have complex macro-organisms  of machinery, with their own maps, hives, bloodlines … it will only be a matter of time before they become self-aware and will be able to take care of themselves.

Until then, however, you still need someone to make sure that your computer network operates at it’s best, and serves you and your business well.

So, You Need Someone to  Service Your Computers?

If you have a very small business with 1-2 computers that do not require 24/7 health check, you can probably find a good local Computer Guy and still apply a break/fix model, if it suits your environment.

However, if you are  small-to-medium size business, or a larger enterprise, you probably have a fleet of technology on you hands. Chances are have a computer network in your office – several computers, laptops, printers, perhaps a server, if your employees need to utilize business email, share files. When you have your mission-critical data stored on your computers, you need proper, compliant data backup methods. Your business needs someone not just with core competency in computer network setup, but also with modern, robust technology tools that would allow to perform routine monitoring, maintenance, as well as emergency troubleshooting – both on-site and via remote access. You need a company that would keep up with regular systems updates and upgrades to your software and hardware, someone with relationship with industry partners, so your computers’ issues get resolved quickly – and, in most cases, even prevented.

Unlike most of independent computer technicians, fully staffed IT companies have larger pool of resources to acquire and utilize most modern computer diagnostics and maintenance tools. Because those tools are used across the clients’ networks, it actually brings the cost of services down, and it accumulates into significant savings over the period of time. It allows for more affordable services, without compromising the quality of the work. Having an option to lease hardware versus standard purchasing may also be attractive for some of the businesses, – and it is something that is typically available through an authorized VAR (value-added reseller) company.

We’d be happy to discuss any of your IT support needs. If you are located in New Jersey and nearby area, let’s talk about how we can be of service.

Give us a call. I promise, your computer network will thank you!

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