Remote Technical Support Services: Top 7 Benefits for Small Business

If your business is not in a position to have full-time IT employees, a Managed Service provider with technical support service with remote access should be your choice for dealing with computer network issues.

Remote Access is the power to gain entry to a computer network or individual device from an external computer. In companies, individuals at different departments, people who telecommute or travel for business might need access to the company’s network. Remote access is invaluable with it comes to technical support for those SMBs taking advantage of Managed IT Services. Almost any computer issue can be resolved and various tasks can be performed via remote technical support. Jobs such as scanning for malware, computer virus removal, installation of drivers, business applications, and software upgrades can often be handled without visiting the facility.

Top reasons to go with Managed Services provider that offers remote tech support as part of their IT services

1 Faster Response

Sometimes you just can’t wait for someone to become available for a visit to your office. Because remote or long-distance tech support can be provided as soon as someone answers the phone, customer service response time cuts down significantly. By not needing to spend time going to the client site, more time is being added back to the service time pool exponentially, making tech support agents available to service your computer systems and network on-demand, faster.

2 Remote Access is Less Intrusive

While a computer technician can – with your permission – access your desktop – nobody chases you out of your chair, invading your personal space. Even if you need to give up control of your machine, you can still do other duties at your organization without worrying about leaving someone else at your desk.

3 Flexible Support Hours

As long as the computer systems are on – with procedures in place that allow you to grant computer techs access to your PC – actions like troubleshooting and upgrades can also be done during a different time of the day, including after business hours.

4 More Productive Assistance

While delivering remote tech support, agents have better access to specific vendor solutions and services to perform various operations. Managed service providers that offer remote technical support typically have the agents working together in a close environment. If an issue is beyond one of the agent’s skillsets, being able to use the collective and consult with colleagues of various levels of expertise right on the spot can be more productive in solving a client’s computer issues.

5 Environmentally Friendly

Think about all the pollution not produced when techs do not need to drive around. Less greenhouse effect, less traffic, less wear and tear on the road or on the vehicles. Every little bit counts, and helps.

6 Higher Tech Support Efficiency

When working remotely, agents can focus on problem-solving better with fewer interruptions of making an appointment, driving to and from the client’s site. Proactive maintenance is also most efficient when done via distant access. In addition, when it comes to technical issues screen sharing can be invaluable when troubleshooting a problem: rather than having the client explain the problem, a technician has a chance to experience the issue in action making the support process more efficient.

7 Better Cost-Effectiveness

Remote Tech Support and Managed Services Companies are usually able to assist you without extra costs that come with on-site service – driving time, gas and vehicle use, less expensive insurance rate, and so on. In turn, those companies are often extending those savings to you, the customer, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Our clients appreciate additional support options

While remote technical support solution makes problem-solving easier and more efficient on many levels, not every support case can be solved this way. Not every job can be addressed remotely. Whether remote assistance is the best option for a specific instance depends on several variables, including remote destination availability, a consistently high-speed network connection, etc. Some problems require on-site support.

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