Small Business Falls Prey to Cyber Crime – Pizza shop hacked in Ohio

Here is a perfect illustration to Mistake #5 from our previously published blog article.

For those of us who think that small business owners should not worry about becoming cyber-crime victims, a news comes from Marysville, Ohio: a report from a private forensic security company says a Cyber Theft took place at Benny’s Pizza; a popular local restaurant had numerous credit and debit card numbers taken by cyber thieves. Exact number of stolen credit card numbers has not been disclosed, however about 30 report have been taken in by Marysville Police department. Nevertheless,  Marysville Police Chief Floyd Golden said:  “Although it has been confirmed that there was a breach in Benny’s credit card software, it would be premature to assume that all of the reported credit card fraud incidents are related to that breach.”

Marysville police called in the U.S. Secret Service last month after receiving an unusually high number of complaints — as many as 10 to 20 a day — about stolen cards and card numbers. The investigation is continuing into fraudulent charges against those accounts that have been made in several states and overseas.

So, if you are a small business owners and still think cyber criminals only go after big guns, think again – anyone can be a victim.

For more information about this specific computer/cyber crime, read the source: Pizza shop targeted in cyber attack

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