Snapchat's chatbot, officially known as ‘My AI’, is being transformed into an avatar that can be messaged just like a real user.

Snapchat Now Offers A Virtual Friend Through AI

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Snapchat has revolutionized the way we connect and engage with others through its innovative use of AI technology.

With its virtual friend feature, Snapchat provides users with a unique and immersive experience. Using advanced algorithms, the app creates a virtual friend that interacts with users through personalized conversations, entertaining activities, and even helpful advice!  Initially launched in February, the feature originally allowed Snapchat’s paid subscribers to chat with an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology directly in its app. Now Snapchat AI chatbot comes with every account for free!

How Can I Use Snapchats AI Chatbot?
Snapchat’s chatbot, officially known as ‘My AI’, is being transformed into an avatar that can be messaged just like a real user. Users will have the ability to customize their avatar’s appearance, including outfits, hair color, and more. This update aims to provide a personalized experience and allow users to truly make My AI their own. By simply sending a message to My AI, your chatbot avatar will appear, and you can seek advice on various topics, such as coping with a breakup or apologizing to a friend. The avatar will respond with strategic advice, resembling that of a human. This transformative feature significantly expands the possibilities for Snapchat users, as they can now turn to the platform for inspiration, information, advice, and much more.
Can You Send ‘Snaps’ (Pictures) To My AI Chatbot? 
Yes! When you send a picture to Snapchat’s chatbot, you can expect a range of interactive and entertaining responses. For instance, the chatbot might analyze the content of the image and generate relevant stickers or filters that you can apply to enhance the photo. You could even send a picture of your latest grocery haul and it may even recommend a recipe!  
In general, Snapchat’s chatbot employs artificial intelligence to provide interactive and captivating experiences, revolutionizing the way you interact with your photos. While it was designed to avoid biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading information, mistakes may occur! It is important not to solely rely on this for precise information. 


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