Top 10 Concerns about Managed Services Models – [Answered]

1I don’t think my business needs Managed Services, we have a computer guy

Some businesses often choose to rely upon an internal employee whose primary job description is related to the core business, but she or he is “into computers”; or one of the employees’ self-proclaimed computer-guru-friend who can come sometimes to fix what’s broken. While they mean well, and it is certainly possible they know a lot about computers, does that make them qualified to provide professional IT support services for a professional organization? Studying anatomy and practicing a certain type of medicine does not qualify a dentist to practice as a heart surgeon. You may know a fantastic, expert chiropractic specialist but would you call them when you have a heart attack? No. Then why would you do something like that when it comes to computers? Dependence on insufficient tech support leads to perhaps well-intentioned but often ill-advised technology decisions and poor support when mission-critical systems perform too slow or fail altogether.

Sometimes businesses hire an internal IT specialist, and while they learn about your business, they are limited to their own experience or knowledge.

Research shows that many businesses still miss out on the opportunity to cut the annual cost of their IT service by 10%, 25% or even 50% (see chart below in item 2). Your business may be one of them. Prior to engaging with a Managed Services model, Many SMBs felt they could get by with their “regular computer guy” until they got significant savings with proven methods of minimally invasive IT support.

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If you are among those businesses that still believe a proverbial “IT Guy” with “Break/Fix” hourly support is still the best option request our free consultation, you will find out how you can boost your business with power of reliable IT services, all while cutting your tech support costs: How to cut the bills you pay your current Computer Support Guy.

2 I am skeptical about cost savings / ROI

Here is an example of how MSP can save you money over traditional tech support. When businesses “shop around” for prices on Managed Services, one of the most important things that often skip one’s mind is the loss of productivity, that accounts for almost half of the costs associated with traditional tech support.

[visualizer id=”7206″]

The example above is based on 1 business location with 12 employees and 1 server, with 3% estimated growth rate. These numbers were also produced using additional business variables.

How can these figures be so dramatically different?

How can so much money be silently siphoned out of your business with a break/fix tech support model?

In addition to SPENDING money with a break/fix scenario of a typical, reactive tech support, businesses also LOSE money with downtime and idle time. A proactive Managed Services solution is a money-saver: while payment cost may be very close to what you may pay your “break/fix” guy, or significantly less than what you pay your full time IT consultant, but not only it would be cost-sensible, – it’s proactive nature will translate into very significant money savings you will no longer be losing due to down- or idle time of your network.

Please contact us directly by calling (855) 551-7760 or submitting request for a free consultation through the form to your right on this page for more details on how this ROI example was calculated. Let’s see how your organization can benefit from Managed Services solution!

3 I am reluctant to give control of our IT operations to an outside company

Although allowing an outside company to manage your IT environment could cause concern, we are confident our team at will earn and keep your trust.

Just remember:

  • We are local: powersolution does not re-outsource our services to the offshore or third parties.
  • We are real: people who answer the phone at our location are the same people that service your computer
  • We are experts: we employ best-in-class engineers and technicians

Organizations often bring MSPs on board to function as an extension to their internal IT personnel. Doing so often fill in the existing IT gaps of or takes the overload off of internal support team. In effect, it helps your team to shift their efforts to the growth of the business, and not to worry about technology.

If your organization has ever been through a business process realignment, from systems integration and new software implementations to addressing the regulatory requirements, then you know what a significant budget, time and resources consuming production this process cab be. Bringing in an external IT consulting company can help your organization to navigate and get through a transition most effectively, and with fewer problems than with relying on your own in-house expertise. Doing so also allows for significant savings both short and especially long term.

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4 I am afraid to experience business operations disruptions during changeover to managed services

While planning a transition, it is important to “keep your eyes on the prize” – the end result. The main goal of switching to Managed Services is to achieve most efficient computer network environment that will keep your business running for a long period of time. While under Managed Services care, a professional MSP will stay transparent about the network infrastructure and implemented security measures, providing your business with regular audits of your data, reporting on storage, backup and recovery process. Several layers of security should still be in place during the transition process so none of your data is corrupted, compromised or lost. During the switch and going forward, a network and data center visibility and reporting capabilities help MSPs staying connected with your data hosting and cloud environment, granting flexibility and controls for building and managing complex IT environments, giving your organization access to data reports, and peace of mind.

Getting to this goal is a process. Any change for new systems requires some adaptation on the part of the organization. While nobody can guarantee an absolute flawless changeover, a well planned Managed Services solution deployment can be achieved with minimal or no interruption of services nor disruption of your team’s workflow. Our commitment is simple: to bring your business network to the best potential, and to serve the best interest of your business: We always make a seamless transition part of the plan.

5 I am not a computer expert. How would I know what level of support my business needs or how much Managed Services should cost?

In order to provide you with a most efficient level of support, a reputable MSP must perform a network assessment. Just like a good doctor, even with standard procedures, should not give you a “ballpark of what your treatment will cost” without knowing your history, and performing some required lab work, neither should the computer service company. The network needs to be brought up to the best operational standards, giving you the maximum performance to run your business without interruption, at best capacity. Performing a vital network assessment allows for a proper setup; going forward doing so will also allow technicians to monitor and run your business computer network in most efficient way, to perform proactive maintenance, and quickly and remotely access your infrastructure if immediate diagnosis, troubleshooting, and corrective actions are needed.

Find out what level of support you need – request a proper network assessment.

6 I don’t know how to find a qualified Managed Services Provider

When you are looking to engage in Managed Services, consider factors such as experience alongside accreditation and certifications, business data security policy, service charges, strategic partnerships with vendors, and more. Do not be afraid to ask your future Managed Services provider (MSP) questions such as

  • How do you deliver and charge for managed services?
  • How proactive is your service?
  • How do I get charged for your services?
  • Do you have a usage-based managed services option?
  • Can our IT services be co-managed?

There are more questions to ask and some of them depend on your type of business needs. We have put together a list of topics and follow-up questions to help you in the process of selecting an MSP.

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If you do not have an MSP lined up for your business, or if you need to break free from a bad, unreliable IT support provider, and if you are not sure where to start – give us a call. We will provide you with a consultation, guide you through this process to minimize the impact of the breakaway on your business, and of course, we will keep it confidential.

You can call us directly right now at (855) 551-7760 to talk to talk one of our specialists, request a call above, or fill out the form to your right so we can send you more information to start a conversation.

7 Isn’t Managed Services just another word for “Expensive Consulting” or “Something like an Insurance” I don’t need?

If someone had told you that Managed Services is a fad, an overpriced consultancy, or sort of insurance, – if they weren’t lying, they were grossly mistaken.

Managed Services is the time-proven, established, a common practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management and Computer Network Tech Support as a cost-effective method for improving business operations. It is mostly utilized by small to medium-size businesses (SMBs). You can have a team of highly skilled network engineers and computer technicians service your business computers at a fraction of a cost of a full-time employee.

Rather than thinking of it as an “insurance” where you pay “in case” something happens, think of it as an ongoing maintenance. Just like your vehicle that needs regular maintenance for most optimal performance, so does your computer network. Rather than neglecting your car and towing to your mechanic when something breaks and you lose time and business while you wait for expensive repairs, think of it as cost-effective, regular tune-ups that prevent disasters in the first place. Now, what if the tune-ups or occasional fixing could be done while you are still driving? While it’s impossible with the car example, it is exactly how it works with the computer network. Managed Services is exactly what its name implies – managed IT services for your business.

8 I am not even sure if Managed Services model works for my type of business!

Every business has some unique needs, as well as some common ones. It does not require to be a special kind of business to qualify for managed services. If you have a computer network – a few desktops, some peripherals such as a printer and fax machine, perhaps a server – all of them need to communicate well and rely on each others performance to keep running. To keep with medical analogy, Managed Services does the job of taking care of computer network, providing “treatment” things if and when something goes wrong, as well as “prophylactic healthcare” to minimize chances of your network being compromised.

When SMBs have processes and applications that require specialized support, and that makes hiring highly specialized talent to work in-house may get very expensive. MSPs typically have larger teams that include various types of training, experience, and background. Providing a team of highly trained technicians and engineers at the fraction of the cost of a full-time employee can be done easily so your business can take advantage of the resource, as well as the savings.

>>> Find out how our IT support plan fits your business!

Here are just a few examples of a type of businesses powersolution provides Managed IT Services and Tech Ssupport for (listed in no particular order):

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Healthcare and Medical offices
  • Medical devices and supplies manufacturing and/or distribution
  • Law Firms
  • Financial Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Construction
  • Hospitality Services
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Packaging companies
  • Food and Beverage
  • Entertainment and Recreation
  • Apparel and Accessories
  • Printing Services
  • Professional Services and Consulting
  • Educational organizations
  • Agricultural Businesses
  • Auto Dealerships

… and many others.

9 I had a negative experience with MSP or IT outsourcing in the past, how can I be sure it would not happen again?

It is unfortunate that sometimes we deal with people who break our trust. We understand it is not easy to engage again once you had a bad experience. We are confident that you will love having your business computer network taken care of by our team. In fact our clients are not just satisfied with our services, they are ecstatic! Oh, and did we mention that unlike most of MSP’s out there, we do not require annual contracts? We have such a positive record of relationship with our clients – we simply do not have to: our month-to-month Managed Services model makes it easy for our clients to feel flexible about the engagement.

10 I feel trapped and intimidated by my current IT support and worry about the breakaway process.

If you are not treated right by your current IT, don’t be afraid to fire your provider! Doing so is admittedly scary, and it will probably cost some commotion in the short run. However, if you have a technician you tolerate out of fear that things may get ugly if you let him go, remember – this is not the case where you should “let the sleeping dogs lie”. In fact breaking away from bad tech support should give your business an opportunity to not only have a clean slate, but to dramatically improve your computer network and IT services, and that would save you lots of headache as well as money in the long run.

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We had scenarios where businesses were afraid to fire a disgruntle employee out of fear of retaliation and sabotage. It is true that things like that happen in real life, as in case of the IT Administrator Michael Thomas in Texas who deleted collection of files prior to leaving his job. In this case of employer-employee business dispute it is still unproved if actions have been intentionally malicious; either way, situations like these can make you feel trapped. We understand that.

Most of the time transitions are peaceful. But if you are uncertain of how things will unfold in your situation, there are certain protocols and procedures that should be followed to ease the breakaway process; powersolution team can help you every step of the way.

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