1. New Technologies

Emerging trends, including a move to virtualized servers, cloud based systems, web-based interfaces and mobile infrastructure with hybrid operating systems are popular more then ever. Adopting new technologies and modernizing while maintaining data security and reliability is not simple. On-premises data-center modifications take time and require additional cost. Changes must be made with an anticipation of future needs and consideration to technology upgrades, not to be obsolete upon completion. Companies need to invest time and money associated with implementing new technologies and training.

2. Scalability

Creating  a flexible, optimized IT infrastructure is an important challenge. In IT world, scalability is defined as “having IT costs rise linearly with increases in IT capacity“. The ability to modify data-processing capacity quickly in response to demand is the ultimate reflection of a scalable data center.  When properly scoped, infrastructure on demand protects against under- or overestimated investment in IT infrastructure.

3. Capacity Planning

Predicting future computational capacity requirements is difficult—even for a several months forward. Additionally one must be concerned for a need to maintain continuity of service, privacy, fault tolerance, data integrity, and transaction monitoring for regulatory compliance –  during infrastructure modifications. Leveraging IT for strategic business outcomes is important.

4. Data Center Growth

Sufficient space for expansion of the data centers is important when granting options for growth. Data centers are often constrained by limitations of physical conditions, such as availability of space, square footage, electrical, cooling and heating capacity, and so on. Often modernization requires one of three basic choices: building a new facility, retrofitting the existing facility, or contracting with a co-location provider.  Costs and downtime associating with new construction and rebuilding are complex and hardly predictable.

5. Energy and Environmental Challenges

In the time when technology is expected to go green, power & cooling is an important priority. About 25% to 50% of data center costs are attributed to power consumption. Equipment recycling becomes more and more important as e-recycling laws are getting tighter. While keeping an eye on the budget, companies need to allocate time and resources to being up-to-speed on being environment-friendly.



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IT Support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution industry awards
IT support NJ - Reputable highly rated Small Business IT services and tech support company in New Jersey - powersolution IT industry awards
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