Reflecting on Windows 8 introduction video (which is awesome – kudo’s to director ), I came to realization that it’s been over 6 months since Windows 8 was introduced – and during this time there have been some praises – and some rants about limitations of Windows 8.

I looked through some interesting resources on W8 reviews and wanted to share some of them with you. I picked the highlight of the articles’ message with the link to the resource, for your interest.

Consumer Reviews

Windows 8 consumer preview: What you need to know, by Dylan Tweney: the new Windows 8 operating system shows a design sensibility and a clarity of purpose not often seen in a Microsoft product. Articles boils down to the following bullet points (but please read the source – it is rather good).

    • Windows 8 is trying to do everything for everyone
    • It’s got a radical new interface
    • You can control it with a touchscreen, mouse, or keyboard
    • Microsoft has completely overhauled the underlying system
    • There will be a market for apps
    • Security and management will make Windows 8 attractive to businesses
    • It’s not quite there yet
    • You can pretend all the new stuff doesn’t exist

Windows 8 vs. iPad feature-by-feature Videw by Vlad Savov:  Comparison of  iOS 5 on the iPad 2 with the Windows 8 – Consumer Review. The interaction paradigm has shifted from a mouse-centric desktop to a touch-friendly, highly visual Metro style UI. “All-in-all, two very different interfaces“.

Still Waiting for the Perfect Windows 8 Hybrid by Jared Newman: “It feels like I’m playing a game of PC hybrid bingo, and losing every time.”

What do you think?

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