Your Netgear Router May Be Open To Hack Risk

There are a lot of totally different ways in which cyber attackers can get to their victims however Netgear may be making it even simpler for them. For over a year now (from August 2016 and January 2017 and forward) there were some vulnerabilities in some Netgear routers. While routers may not seem to be a big deal to some it’s best to be proactive and check if your router is placing you in danger.

The Results of the Vulnerability

The vulnerability within the Netgear routers leaves an area for hackers to come in and control the networking devices. This has left loads of time for cyber attackers to get into house networks and launch viruses, botnets, and different forms of damaging cyber attack on victims. Now, the Netgear corporate has launched a tentative repair for some models however not all models are secure but and the repair of the few models might not work for all prospects, in accordance with Netgear. The flaw within the devices permits bypassing security mechanism to authenticate the administrator to the router using a script that repeatedly calls a specific URL. The attacker can subsequently gain access to the router settings page.When this occurs, malicious instructions are executed and it might end in a complete system takeover. It has now been confirmed that eight of the router models are affected.

The models affected with vulnerabilities are R6250 / R6400, R6700 / R7000 / R7100LG / R7300 / R7900 / R8000, and also JNR1010v2 / WNR614 / WNR618 / JWNR2000v5 / WNR2020 / JWNR2010v5 / WNR1000v4 / WNR2020v2 / R6220 / WNDR3700v5.

What to do to protect your network from Netgear router vulnerability

At this level, you could have already seen some odd issues taking place in your network. That doesn’t imply it’s too late to do something about it and re-secure your network. One of many suggestions from people outside of Netgear is to discontinue using such devices. As an alternative, you should buy a brand new device that doesn’t have a flaw. One other suggestion is to easily cease utilizing it till a repair is out there. Right now, the number of devices affected by the vulnerability or those already hacked by cyber attackers still cannot be confirmed.  It’s possible that if your router has not yet been compromised to loss of data yet, however, if you still use the models mentioned above, you are still vulnerable to the attack since cybercriminals are always looking to benefit from the publicly known flaws for their very own gain. As an alternative to exposing yourself to cyberattacks use the suggestions above and ensure implementation of additional precautions, such as a good anti-virus program. Since we full level of severity of the risk potential here is still unknown, we recommend a Netgear router owners to verify your router right away to see in case your unit model number is a part of this vulnerability alert.


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